SIP & SIP Trunk Manager

Cost effective, flexible and resilient voice connections.

The easiest way to move to IP telephony is to replace traditional ISDN telephone lines with SIP trunk lines. SIP based services offer a secure, totally reliable way to make high quality business telephone calls over a data connection. SIP trunks provide ultra-competitive call and rental rates combined with inherent disaster recovery and resilience benefits.

Traditional ISDN services are expensive, inflexible and will soon be unavailable when BT switches off the service in 2025.

Save money by implementing SIP

SIP Trunks are typically lower than ISDN and also provide savings on call costs.

SIP is scalable alongside your business needs

SIP Trunks can be provided with as few as two channels or as many channels as required. There is no need to acquire SIP Trunks in set numbers.

SIP trunks are adaptable

SIP trunks can be re-provided to an alternative system or internet connection within minutes.

SIP enables greater flexibility

SIP trunks are easily configured and allow your system to present any phone number you require on outbound calls. Additional DDI’s can be added from almost any UK area code within minutes.

Guaranteed Call Quality

Call quality is reliant on the quality of the underlying data connection. This can be assisted in correctly setting up the corporate firewall to reserve enough bandwidth for the SIP trunks.

Comparing SIP to ISDN – Why make the switch?

SIP Trunks Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides all the benefits of CMT SIP Trunks together with feature rich, centralised call control. This includes fraud management tool that financially indemnifies you against loss. SIP Trunk Call Manager offers a powerful business continuity solution, giving you the ability to manage your number estate and all aspects of inbound calls. Users can consolidate all numbers onto a single platform and never miss a call!

SIP Trunk Call Manager Key features and benefits


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