Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automated secure online data backup

Hassle-free, reliable cloud backup solutions

Cloud back-up solutions have many advantages. You can remove the need for human input and reduce the chance of human error with automated system backup to the cloud. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is held off-site and will be safe in the event of a disaster, such as an office fire or flash flooding.

When your data is backed up and stored in the cloud, your staff can access it from anywhere in the world, giving them greater flexibility and freedom to work from home or at multiple sites.

The cloud backup solutions we offer at CMT offer robust data security too, so you can have absolute confidence that your data is safe and off limits to third parties.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for anything with automated system restores to Hyper-V® or VMware®.

This includes
• Virtual disaster recovery
• Test your recovery image at any time to Hyper-V® or VMware®
• Fast, efficient protection
• Complete Exchange™ database restores
• Full Exchange server recovery
• Continuous recovery
• Native VMware integration
• Hot VM backups

Key Features

• Server Backup
• Workstation Backup
• Backup Documents
• Faster Backups and Restores
• Bare Metal Recovery
• Virtual Disaster Recovery
• Security-Focused Storage
• Archiving & Versioning

Automate the entire backup, storage and recovery lifecycle of business servers.

Real-time protection of apps, databases and file data
Prevent data loss with our automatic protection of key business systems such as Exchange and SQL. Create multiple policies for applications, system information and files.

Cloud storage in multiple bullet-proof data centre’s
Having data mirrored in two geographically independent facilities ensures that it is always recoverable – more so than in your own premises.

Simple web portal for central management, reporting & alerting
Manage machines and policies from one easy-to-use web portal. Diagnose and understand issues before they occur – and receive automatic alerts of unplanned events.

Certified end-to-end security systems and processes
Ultra secure Tier-4 EU data centre’s ensure compliance with legal and industrial regulations.

Data is continuously protected
No longer lose 24 or even 48 hours’ worth of data. Instead retrieve an individual file or an entire system from as little as 15 minutes ago. Simply browse to the data required, choose the date and time, and click to begin a restore. You’ll even be alerted when the job is complete.

Automatic protection of Applications and System State
Key applications such as Email, Financials or CRM are no longer complex to protect. Complete protection of Microsoft Exchange is simply a matter of ticking a box. As is protecting the system state of an entire server ready for a disaster recovery scenario.

Multiple backup policies; multiple-year archives
Not all data is equal. So create multiple backup policies with differing rules. Protect email and applications in compliance mode with real-time changes and a seven-year archive; or just ensure basic file data uses a simple overnight backup, stored for 30 days. The choice is yours.

Time-of-day and day-of-week bandwidth control
Squeezing a lot of data up a congested internet connection is a challenge. That’s why you can now easily select how much of your bandwidth that backup can use. Trickle-feed incremental changes during the working day at just 25% of the bandwidth – and enable 100% during the evenings or weekends.

Incremental backup – incremental restore
Not only can you backup incrementally, but you can perform incremental restores too. A large database can be recovered from our cloud storage in a fraction of the time normally required by other online services. The system will compare the current onsite version and only recover the changes required.

On-site Storage and Turbo Restore Appliance
Get the best of both on-site disk backup and cloud-based storage. Our Turbo Restore Appliances range in size from 1Tb to 16Tb – they seamlessly slot into the backup process and store multiple versions of your system for super-fast recovery.

Cloud-based control of multiple server locations
A secure web portal provides complete management of all protected devices. From any location at any time you can create policies, run reports and kick-off restores – including redirected restores from one server to another. No more needing log on to the network to manage backup and disaster recovery.

Automatic alerts of key events
The power of cloud backup is in the reliable fit-and-forget nature of the solution. But when things do not go as planned, automatic alerts to named personnel help ensure that remedial actions can be taken before it’s too late.

27001 audited security standards
Data is encrypted on protected servers before it leaves your facilities – it is sent down secured connections to our tier-4 vaults, where it is held in an encrypted state. Data is instantly replicated to a second geographically separate vault for ultra-high availability. And ISO 27001 security processes ensure high standards surround all operations.

FAQ - Compatibility

Which Operating Systems does your software support?
All popular PC and Mac-based Operating Systems. Includes support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS Tiger, Mac OS Leopard and Mac OS Snow Leopard. For special UNIX-based Operating Systems contact the Sales Team on 0800 027 7920.

Does your software support specialist applications – for example – Sage or QuickBooks.
Yes with most specialist database applications.

Will the software backup my Outlook?
Yes it will integrate seamlessly – even backing up whilst the Outlook system is open and running.

Are there any file types that can’t be backed up?
If the file is supported by the Operating System it’s running on, we have a software that will back it up.

Where are your data centres based?
Our data centres are based in the UK and EU. For full redundancy, we have data centres in Milton Keynes, London and Brussels. Each site is managed and owned by world leading digital security companies. With UK and EU data storage you can be confident of Data Protection Act compliance.

How secure is your software?
The software we use is the most robust and secure on the market. During the backup process data is compressed and coded using AES and Blowfish encryption technologies, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security channels when we send data over the internet and when being stored, data resides in tier4 state-of-the-art manned and monitored dual-data vaults. Data is encrypted before it leaves your machine, whilst it is being transferred and when it’s in storage. The same goes for when it is sent back to your machine, remaining in an encrypted form until it is decrypted on your machine. At no point can anyone outside of your organisation view your critical business data.

What encryption levels do you use?
It will be either 256 bit AES or 448 bit encryption. Both types are the same adopted by banks and governments and are the most powerful forms of encryption available to the public. When your data is transferred over the internet to or from the data centre, it is done via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standards, which again, is the standard for secure web communications and transfers.

I have a firewall in place – will I still be able to backup?
Yes, the software requests firewall settings as part of the product registration.

FAQ - Features

How do I retrieve my backed up files?
There are three ways to retrieve your backed up files if you suffer a data loss: 1) Download them back onto your computer using the backup software – simply point and click. 2) Use the remote retrieval portal – a Web-based application through which you can access your backed up files from any computer in the world through a standard web browser – again, simply point and click. 3) Request a return of you data saved onto an encrypted CMT recovery hard-drive (Note: there is an additional charge for this – but it is often covered by insurance policies).

Can I retrieve older versions of a file?
With our PC technology, our data centres will store up to 10 previous file state versions for 90 days. All previous file states can be retrieved at any point during this 90 day period. The most recent backup version of each file, however, is retained indefinitely.

What bandwidth is required with this service?
A standard home or business broadband internet connection will be sufficient to use the service – it will also work with dial-up connections though performance will be slower.

How often will the software let me perform a backup?
The software will let you backup as many times as you want – although on our standard PC online backup packages only 10 file versions are retained in storage. After the software install, a user can define specific dates and times that they want their backups to execute in. After that the process is automatic – requiring no more user interaction, unless you want to change your scheduling.

How will I know which files I’m backing up?
You will be able to tell which files you are backing up by looking at the backup console in the software.

What happens if the computer is not connected to the internet when an automatic backup is due?
If a backup is due but the computer is offline, the software will automatically backup next time it is connected to the internet. Additionally, there is an option to instruct the software to backup immediately on connection if there has been no backup for a specified amount of time.

Will the backup software interfere with my computer’s performance?
No. The software runs silently in the background of your computer and only performs backups during user-specified periods or when it’s instructed to. The software agent assumes the lowest priority on the local computer to minimize impact on computing resources.

How long will the first backup take to complete?
During the first online backup, all selected files must be transferred to the data centres. The time it takes to do this depends on your internet upload speed and the amount of data you’re sending to the data centres.

How many PCs can I have linked to one account?
It is one account per PC, although you can have as many accounts as you want. Each PC is assigned its own account number which helps identify where the data backed up has come from and where it should be recovered to.

What happens if I change my computer?
If you change computer at anytime you simply install the backup software onto the new machine and then configure it to use your unique account number. If the new computer is running a different Operating System from the one before – you will need to call our Service Team because you may need a different software agent.


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