Network Device Management

What are the advantages of CMT’s Network Device Management?

If an IT Department had to fulfil every one of the business’s IT demands such as: internal network switches, firewalls, routers, monitoring connectivity, software development, disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud storage, software updates and system integrations it would require plenty of resource and an expensive specialist team.

CMT provide Managed Network Devices to bridge the gap between the capacity of an internal IT Department and the increasing demand for business transformation using specialist technologies for a simple monthly rental per device.

Some of our managed Devices

Our Managed Devices are completely tailored to the specific needs of our clients’ businesses and can include a combination of:

• Firewalls & routers
• Network Switches
• Wi-Fi Controllers
• IPCCTV Controllers
• Servers

In Addition, we also provide:

• Vendor liaison
• A dedicated Account Manager
• Remote & Telephone support
• Agreed SLAs
• Proactive security and patch management
• Product deployment
• IT Hardware Upgrades
• New Devices