IPCCTV & Security

An easy-to-use interface for daily operation. It’s easy to adapt for different tasks, user requirements and specific working environments. It provides a wide array of features such as view live and recorded video and help gain situation awareness, respond to alarms, investigate incidents and handle evidence.

We support the industry’s widest choice in third-party cameras and hardware.
• Onsite or centralised servers & storage
• Motion detection
• Infrared cameras
• Indoor & outdoor surveillance
• Pan, zoom & tilt via your client (see above)
• High Definition (HD) digital cameras

IP CCTV is the “Next Generation” in CCTV systems and shouldn’t be overlooked for cheaper older systems. The IP means that it uses Internet Protocol to communicate meaning that it can be deployed over a network environment i.e. your existing Cat5e or Fibre network. We may need to install a network for the camera system to reside on, given our knowledge of networking we are well placed to offer you a full solution.

An IP CCTV system will give you many benefits some of which include:

• HD Cameras (High Definition Imaging)
• Digital images and digital recording
• No Camera limits
• No localised power required – Power Over Ethernet is used
• Centralised battery backup – during a power cut all the cameras and recording equipment will continue to operate
• The ability for all people on your local network to be able to view the camera system, if given the correct level of access via password protection
• Easily connect to your camera system from a smart phone, tablet or PC remotely, therefore allowing you to keep an eye on things while away or overseas
• Record to a hard drive that is connected to a PC or server, allowing you manage and back up your images
• Set your cameras to record only upon activation – Saving valuable space
• Set exclusion zones on the cameras so you don’t fill the hard drive with a moving tree!